What exactly are my options as a Medicare recipient?

You have two options when you go on Medicare: Either a supplement or an advantage plan.

Why am I getting so many calls and so much information in the mail?

Many companies want to sell you their product. They have bought your name and information from a database company. They consider you a prospect for their product.

What is the difference in all the companies and plans?

Some are strong in some areas, some in others. They all fall under one of two categories – either a supplement or advantage plan. It is my job as an independent agent to go over the positives and negatives of each plan and company.

When I decide on a plan, how do I proceed?

There are two ways you can purchase a Medicare plan: a) directly from a company, or agent who works solely for a company. b) from an independent agent contracted with a number of companies. Either way you purchase a plan does not affect cost. Some of the major benefits of an independent broker are: a) if you have a problem you have one person to call, not an 800 number with a different stranger every time. b) an independent, like myself, can look out for your best interest and go over every option you have.

How am I able to get coverage with a $0 premium per month?

Because of you paying into Medicare over the years, the government (Medicare) will pay a premium per month for you to have coverage with a company. This varies with each county.

How does the agent get paid?

As your agent, the company will pay me a commission. I will be on record as your agent, available for you, to advise and help resolve problems.

Why do premiums vary with different companies if they are basically the same coverage?

Some companies are more aggressive with Medicare products. Some companies consider it a service to their current clientele.

What about prescription drug coverage?

This is called Part D with Medicare. Some advantage plans include drug coverage. Most people who go with a supplement enroll in a stand-alone drug plan.

What if I have current group coverage with my employment or retirement?

This all comes down to coverage and cost. It is important to look at what coverage you have now and what it is costing you. Some people find that they can get better coverage for the same or equivalent price. Again, that is part of my job to go over your coverage and compare it to your options.

Why should I consider Jason Burgess as my agent?

Service, Integrity, and Education. You will have all of my numbers in case you ever have a problem. You will be presented with all your options with no bias for any particular company or plan. My job is to get you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your coverage.

What should I consider when selecting Medicare Insurance?

In the beginning, it is important to have a good understanding of what you’re getting from Medicare part A and B. You can review Parts A&B by clicking here. This will give you some information that will help with the process of deciding which option is best for you. You can assess your options by clicking here

Can I receive a better Medicare Insurance Policy for less if I deal directly with an insurance company?

No. Regardless of whether you choose Option 1 (Supplement) or 2 (Advantage), the price and benefits will be the same. A particular Medicare supplement will cost the same whether you use Senior plan advisors or deal directly with an insurance company. Your independent advisor will guide you through the process and help make you aware of the best combination of coverage and pricing available in your area. Another benefit of using Senior Plan Advisors is customer service from here on out goes through us and not a toll free number with someone you never met.

Must I pay a fee to Senior Plan Advisors?

No. Senior Plan Advisors is paid a commission by whichever health insurance company you choose. No additional fees are added to your insurance premium. Working with an advisor will likely save you money due to their awareness of the most competitive rates available in your area; but more importantly is the future service your advisor will provide when it comes to headaches and problems. You Have the option to rely on us to handle any issues if they arise.

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